Glimpse of Royal Weeding of Sikkim

A guest drinking CHANG, a millet beer served in bamboo mugs, at a reception organized by the groom's sisters after the wedding.

The Royal couple being greeted by the Commoners

Hope Cooke dancing with her stepson Tenzing Namgyal

Photographer Marilyn Silverstone at wedding of Crown Prince of Sikkim

The Royal Weeding in its process

Sikkimese Bhutia dancers at the wedding festivities

Tsuklakhang Royal Palace. March 20th, 1963. Guests arriving at the wedding with gifts.

Hope Cooke being prepared for the marriage ceremony

The Royal Couple 

Tsuklakhang Royal Palace. The Maharaja Tashi Namgyal (70), head of State of Sikkim, sits on a 5 foot throne during the wedding.

Tsuklakhang Royal Palace. Reception held after the wedding. A young Sikkimese serving traditional beverages.

 Late Chogyal Palden Thondup Namgyal with his American Gyalmo Hope Cooke on the Wedding Day

March 18th, 1963. The day before her wedding, Hope Cooke tries on the replica of her wedding dress, which is made out of a golden tissue, in "Mokye" (Sikkimese)

Photographer Marilyn Silverstone in Sikkimese Traditional costume at wedding of the King of Sikkim.

US Ambassador to India John Kenneth Galbraith at the wedding reception. 1963.

Royal Palace of Tsuklakhang. The American Ambassador, Kenneth Galbraith (left), being welcomed by the Maharaja Tashi Namgyal.

All the photographs were taken by Marilyn Silverstone on the day of Royal Weeding on 20th of March 1963. For more information visit These pictures abide copyright of Marilyn Silverstone.