Kham Sum Ongdi the National Emblem of Monarchical Sikkim

Kham Sum Ongdi used to be the Royal as well as the National emblem of erstwhile Sikkim used by the ruling house of the Namgyals. It is not clear since when the emblem was used by the Sikkimese monarchs to sign the Royal Decrees and Proclamations. Possibly, it came into vogue after Sikkim’s contact with the British East India Company in the 30’s of 19th century. A shell, regarded as a holy article both by the Hindus and the Buddhists is at the top of the seal which is guarded by the two Gaduras that is considered as the vehicle used by Lord Vishnu, the protector of the extraterrestrial world by the Hindu and Buddhist mythology. The interesting feature of this Royal Emblem is that even after loosing its sovereignty, the State Government of Sikkim uses it as the Government insignia. The words Kham Sum Ongdi in Sikkimese Bhutia mean “Conqueror of the three realms”.