My collection (Indian Coins)

History is all about facts, authenticity and it is truely scientific in nature. Being a student of history, I was always interested in the traditional way of studying it which is mostly confined in the tussles and treaties. I never had a scientific approach to study it till my graduation. It was in 2003, when I was pursuing my Masters Degree from Pune University, I came to understand the importance of numismatics in history. Since then, the study of coins has become not only a matter of interest for me but a hobby as well. This was utterly amazing for me to believe that the mere coins which are, in reality made for meeting the need of individuals in their day to day lives are also such prolific in their substantiality. Though, the coins which I have collected so far are very few in numbers but the same can emerge very useful in making a historical survey of about 400 years. They are mostly minted in copper and a very few of them are made up of silver and aluminum. They belong to the period of Great Mughals, British East India Company and British Indian Empire. The oldest coin in my collection was issued in 1616 the Mughal Badshah Jehangir.