Sikkim Coronation: From the Collection of Dr. Alice S. Kandell’s Photographs

Picture of Dr. Alice S. Kandell 

Sikkim Coronation 1965- The King and the Queen Pic: Dr Alice S Kandell

Guest at Sikkim Coronation- Photographer Dr. Kandell on the queue to put Khada to the King 

King and Queen getting ready to fly Bhutan Pic: Dr. Alice S Kandell
King and Queen on the Royal Throne Pic: Dr. Alice S Kandell

King and Queen during Coronation Pic: Dr. Alice S. Kandell

The Chogyal receiving salute from Sikkim Guards Pic: Dr. Alice S. Kandell

Chogyal Palden Thondup Namgyal and Gyalmo Hope Cooke of Sikkim Pic: Dr. Alice S Kandell

Marketplace of Gangtok in 1965 Pic: Dr. Alice S Kandell

Nepali Naumati Baja on the day of Chogyal's Coronation Pic: Dr. Alice S Kandell

Nepali Girls on the Coronation Day  Pic: Dr. Alice S Kandell

Princess of Sikkim Standing on Right Pic: Dr. Alice S Kandell

Royal Procession on Chogyal's Birthday Pic Dr. Alice S Kandell

The photographs taken by Dr. Alice S. Kandell in Sikkim used to be rare until she dedicated her rights to the public domain as a generous gift to the Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division in 2010. It is from this website we also have been able to get the erstwhile glimpse of Sikkim. Dr. Kandell captured these flamboyant pictures in order to document a vanishing culture of the Sikkimese society. During her visits between 1965 and 1979 (primarily 1965-1971), Dr. Kandell received special permission to photograph Buddhist monks and lamas, ceremonial dances, and monasteries; people working on farms, in canning factories, and at special crafts; and the royal palace and chapel at Gangtok, including the last king, Chogyal Palden Thondup Namgyal, his American wife Queen Hope Cooke (Dr. Kandell's college friend), and their family.
Apart from the Royal pictures Dr. Kandell has also taken various pictures of far off villages like Singhik and Lachung, the mountains of Kānchenjunga, the Ralang Hot Springs, and the Gangtok bazaar as well as different ethnic groups including the Kirati (Kiranti), Lepcha, Nepalese, and Bhutia people.
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