Kagyad Chaam- A Symbol of Peace and Prosperity

The main Torma  
Monks performing with liturgical music
Kagyed Chaam is a Sikkimese Dance performed on the 28th and 29th day of the 10th Month of the Tibetan calendar which generally falls in the last week of December. The word Chaam in Tibetan corresponds to a dance performed by various artists. This dance is performed in Sikkim symbolizing the destruction of the evil forces and hoping for peace and prosperity to flourish in every Sikkimese home. The dancers of this enormously admired Chaam are always monks who are accomplished in liturgical music and chanting. The solemn nature of the dance is interspersed with comic relief provided by the jesters. Kagyed dances enact various themes from the Buddhist mythology and culminate with the burning of effigies made of flour, wood and paper. During monarchy, Sikkim used to celebrate this dance as a national event. One can notice the Kagyed Chaam celebration of monarchical Sikkim in the visuals of much awaited documentary of Satyajit Ray.
Monks performing Kagyad Chaam at Enchey Monastery Gangtok  
With full of religious fervour this year also Kagyed Chaam was performed in a majestic comportment at Enchey Monastery Gangtok. The pictures with this post are taken by Mr. Tashi Wangyal Denzongpa at Enchey Monastery. I am thankful to him for sharing these pictures.