Governors of Sikkim

Shri B B Lal First Governor
(16/05'1975- 09/01/1981)

Shri H J H Taliyarkhan Second Governor
(10/01/1981- 17/06/1984)
Shri. K. Prabhakar Rao Third Governor
(16/06/1984- 30/05/1985)

Shri. B N Singh Fourth Governor
(31/05/1985- 20/11/1985)

Shri. T V Rajeswar Fifth Governor
(21/11/1985- 01/03/1989)
Shri. S. K Bhatnagar Sixth Governor
(02/03/1989- 07/02/1990)

Shri. R H Tahiliani Seventh Governor
(08/02/1990- 20/09/1994)

Shri. P. Shiv Shanker Eighth Governor
(21/09/1994- 11/11/1995)

Shri. K V Raghunatha Reddy Ninth Governor
(12/11/1995- 19/03/1996) 

Chaudhary Randhir Singh Tenth Governor
(10/03/1996- 17/05/2001)

Shri. Kidar Nath Sahani Eleventh Governor
(18/05/2001- 23/10/2003)

Shree K N Sahani was succeeded by Shree V Rama Rao as the Twelfth Governor of Sikkim on 26th of 2002 and remained till 12th July 2006. Shree R S Gavai was appointed as an acting Governor from 13th July 2006 to 12th August 2006. Shree Gavai was again succeeded by V Rama Rao as the Fourteenth Governor on 13th August 2006 and remains in Office up to 25th October 2007. Shree Sudarshan Agrawal was appointed as the Fifteenth Governor of Sikkim on 25th October 2007 up to 8th July 2008. The present Governor of Sikkim Shree Balmiki Prasad Singh was sworn in on 9th July 2008 as the Sixteenth Governor.(Further Writings and Photographs of the Governors of Sikkim will feature soon in the blog)