Namchi grieves for the earthquake victims

Namchi mourns for the Earthquake victims
The earthquake of 18th September has greatly astounded Sikkim, the tiny Himalayan State of Indian Union. The incident was perhaps a shocking episode in the history of Sikkim and it is hard to forget to all those who have come across the catastrophe. Even after the span of 5 days from the apocalypse the government measures are still struggling to reach to the victims. We all are getting reports, some official and some unofficial about the desolation caused by the earthquake. Amid to these reports, the rumor is playing a vital role to create panic among the traumatized people. Yesterday morning I received a text on my mobile which was a sufficient stuff to get terrorize for all of us who are trying to surmount the fatality. It states thus:
Students of Namchi Govt. College
Earthquake can occur within 48 hours due to lava at Guru Dongmar Lake and it can damage entire Sikkim. These people, whom I prefer to, say anti-socials are leading a key role to play with the innocence of the Sikkimese people. 
The cataclysm came and gone but has left an untold miseries. I saw a picture published on an English Daily from Gangtok which has greatly stroked me. It was a picture of a school girl from Mangan who was searching her books and copies on the debris of her dismantle house. Every newspaper is chock-full with the reports and pictures of devastation. It is really harsh to believe that all the pictures are from our state and the people on those pictures are our fellow brethrens.
Silent Prayers of Namchi 
In order to show our concern to all the departed souls, ailing individuals and affected families of the disaster, NTSF has organized a “Candle Rally” at Namchi on 23rd September.  A crowd of around 500 have made a “Candle March” which was started from Central Park Namchi at 6:20 P M.  The march was attended by the students, teachers, journalists, and lawyers and so on. The accomplices were holding placards on their hands to show their concern towards the departed souls. I have also witnessed few Buddhist Monks chanting “Om Mani Padme Hung” to prevent such incidents in the near future. People gathered for march have prayed for the salvation of the departed souls as well as for the speedy recovery of injured in the catastrophe of September 18th. The only prayer of every individual before his almighty was to bless the Mayalyang in the near future from such apocalypse.