The aftermath of Earthquake at Namchi

Statue of Lord Shiva- The Trisul is broken Pic. Pranika Gurung
The earthquake that occurred on 18th of September will be always remembered by every Sikkimese till the end. It was a horrific shake, a mind-boggling of which none of our people have ever imagined. The earthquake measuring 6.9 Richter Scale nearly swept the smallest state of the Indian Union. The massive event took place at 6:10 on Sunday evening when most of our people were busy in their homely affairs . The sound was terrible, a bloodcurdling one. The whole structure was shivering and I got tuck within my room doing nothing to help my family. It was perfectly a dying situation, a catch 22. In such circumstances, when my wife hugged me, I realized how important life is for all and also apprehended the value of a loved one during a trouble. After the shake of almost 40 seconds the horror got solace and we managed to make ourselves out of the building. After the wobble, when I rushed down to the street I saw an unusual gathering in which most of them were crying with their near and dear ones.
It was raining outside- the day was also disobliging. Due to the power cuts we were unable to recognize each other on the street but, I can witness fear in everyone’s eyes. Most of them were shivering and telling the tale of how they got escape from the mouth of fatality. From the street, one and all were busy in getting connected to their family members. I too made a call and got a relief to know that my family was safe without any physical damage. Though, the cell phones were not working we had been able to receive few calls from outside the state. My friends from Mumbai, Pune and New Delhi informed me about the magnitude of the earthquake. After hearing it I literally got frisson. On my silence my wife asked me about the matter but, I simply answered her “We escape death”.  
A Cracked House at a Village of South Sikkim Pic. Pranika Gurung
After the havoc, rumor reined the entire state. Many of them in the crowd were talking about a next devastation. Most of them were equating the event with the judgment of God. Few intellectuals were discussing about the movement of tectonic plates and many others were listening to the rumors of another fatality. After spending nearly three hours on the street we made our way to our house. The entire night no one slept in the whole town and in the whole state. Everyone spent the night of 18th September in counting the aftershocks. All together there were nearly 20 aftershocks subsequent to the big hit of 6:10.
The next day when our cell phones began to function, I got many calls from my friends scattered all around India. Few local friends informed me about the damages taken place in various heritage sites of Sikkim. I felt very bad to hear that the famous Enchey Monastery in Gangtok, Tashiding Monastery in West Sikkim and Dubdi Monastery (the oldest monastery of Sikkim) was badly damaged due to the massive earthquake. Pende Laptse, popularly known as Nga Dak Monastery which is also a lone heritage site of Namchi might have born the shake. If possible and if it is standing, I will be posting more posts on this 300 year old monument of Southern Sikkim.
Today I got a report from one of my students Miss Pranika Gurung of Namchi Government College about the devastation made by the Hit at the periphery of Namchi. According to this Official Report there is a massive destruction in the south Sikkim as well.
Earthquake Updates form Namchi as Informed by DPO LR&DDM Pempa Narbu Sherpa.
Miniram-Singithang: 65 house severely damage.
Lunchuk-kameray: 50 houses severely damage.
Ralong-Nalang GPU; 50 houses fully damage and three houses collapsed.
Mikhola-Kitam: 7houses fully damaged and 1 mandir damaged.
Tingrithang GUP: 29 houses fully damaged 100 houses severely and partially damaged and 20 families will be shifted at Namchi Government College by 9pm today and 10 families had given safe shelter at Chief Minister’s home at KLholaghari.
Temi Tarku GPU; 114 houses severely Damaged and 20 families are safely evacuated and provided safe shelter.
Namchi: More than 50 RCC buildings severely damaged and had cracks.
SPIL buildings got crack on walls and cracks on walls and staff quarters of Namchi District Jail. 
Boomtar landslide aggravated and nearby houses was shifted to safe shelter.
Sai Mandir Assangthang: several cracks had been reported.
Solophok Char Dham; Trisul broken, Ringfinger holding dammaruo broken, several cracks on the body of statue of 5mm.
Gate leading to statue sustain cracks about 2 to 6 inch and many cracks had been found leading to Solophok road.
Melli PHC had been severely damaged and shifted to nearby school and private houses.
More than 9 school buildings fully collapses including kaccha building and 8 schools got major damaged.
BAC Sikip: 7 houses fully damaged.

Namthang BAC: 30 houses damaged.
Namchi mourns for the victims Pic. Pranika Gurung 
Apart from Namchi, Mangan the epicenter of the earthquake is in a total distressing situation. The death toll is increasing hour after hour at the epicenter. I have been trying to call my friends there but unable to do so due to network hurdles. I wish everyone’s safety at Mangan and pray for those who have lost their lives in the earthquake.