Old Pamphlet of Sikkim Congress (R)

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This is a booklet circulated by Sikkim Congress (R) in the 80’s against the case filed by the State Government of Sikkim and Government of India against its President Shree Ram Chandra Poudyal.  This document contains 44 pages and is written in Nepali, the lingua-franca of Sikkim. It titles  R.C Poudyal viruddha Bharat Sarkar tatha Sikkim Sarkar- Sikkim Uccha Nyayalayama Hamro Muddha (The Indian and Sikkim Governments against R.C Poudyal- Our case at the Sikkim High Court). It deals with the protection and right implementation of Article 375 (f) of the Indian Constitution, which basically deals with the security of Old Sikkim Laws and Conventions. The booklet was published by Ram Lepcha, General Secretary of Sikkim Congress (R) and was printed at Vijay Printers, Tibet Road, Gangtok. The cost of this booklet was Rs 1.