Incredible pictures of Hope Cooke Namgyal with Prince and Princess of Sikkim

Prince Palden Namgyal and Princess Hope Leezum of Sikkim 

Her Highness Hope Cooke Namgyal with Princess Hope Leezum

Princess Hope Leezum

Her Highness with the Prince

The Pride of being a mother- Her Highness with her children 
These pictures bear Copyright of (A Website of People's Republic of China) I am greatly indebted to Tempa Trans-Himalayan Arts, Taipei Taiwan for sharing the link of these valueable photographs with me. 


damchö said...

Please be aware these photos are actually copyrighted to Library of Congress, to which they were given by the photographer, Alice Kandell.

You can see many more photos of Sikkim here:

Unknown said...

Very intresting 😊