Sikkim of Yesterday

Lepchas of North Sikkim 
Limboo women in West Sikkim
The beautiful landscape of Sikkim has always attracted millions of eyes throughout the globe. But, due to its tough set-up the very beautiful landscapes were once abhorrence to the local peasants and growers.  Due to lack of roads and communication people from far flung Sikkim had to walk for 2 to 3 days just to reach Gangtok, the kingdom’s capital. Miles away from the modern lifestyles of Gangtok, peasants had to struggle a lot to manage a loaf of bread. It was all because Sikkim still was following a traditional method of farming which had now become outdated due to the increasing population. In precise, the rural life in former Sikkim was a sturdy one. Here are few glimpses of rural life in the former Himalayan Kingdom of Sikkim. These photographs belong to the 60s of last century. 

Nepali Women on a Haat Day at a market 
Bhutia women at a market.
Tingboom Monastery North Sikkim
A Chorten at Dubdi Monastry West Sikkim

Mt. Kanchendzonga 
The Lepchas blowing  Buddhist Horns.

Children carrying water in a traditional Dhiri in West Sikkim  


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