Antique picture of Bhutia Coolies

The picture is of Bhutia Coolies probably taken by some British officials in 1875. I  got this vintage picture at and has simply magnetized  me. From the attire of the people on this picture there is no doubt to ascertain that they were the coolies who were probably working for some construction tasks initiated by the British. The most attractive thing which has dragged my attention on this picture is the Doko they are carrying on their back. Doko is a typical Nepali contrivance used by them in the earlier period to carry grass and fire wood and is now widely used not only in Nepal but in the entire Himalayan belt. To carry the said items the Bhutias used a similar type of contrivance which has a different shape. From this, it becomes clear that the picture was not taken in Sikkim, Bhutan or Tibet as the Nepalese were allowed to get into Sikkim a bit later. Hence, the picture of the Bhutia Coolies was possibly taken in Darjeeling and they are carrying Doko due to the influence of  Nepalese in Darjeeling.