Flag of Independent Sikkim

The national flag in Sikkim was first adopted in 1877 after its contacts with the British and it has a history of its own. The flag of Sikkim had change its shape and colour according to the need of the hour. The flag pasted here is the youngest of all its predecessors which was adopted in 1967 and remained as a national flag of independent Sikkim till 1975. Before this, Sikkim had come across other three flags which were distinctly different from the last one. As stated earlier the first national flag was adopted in 1877 which remained up to 1914. With the accession of Maharaja Tashi Namgyal the former flag was send-off and a new flag was adopted. From 1962 till 1967, Sikkim adopted another banner as its national Flag which stayed for five years. With the succession of Palden Thondup Namgyal Sikkim espoused this very emblem as its National Flag.
The Sikkim National Flag had red border all around and the yellow coloured Chakra (Wheel) denoting the Buddhist Symbol of the Law of Dharma and Gankyil as the centre element. The Chakra in the former Sikkim National Flag is different from the one found in the Indian National Flag, in place of 24 spokes there are eight spokes and has an ornate "nub" on the wheel at the head of each spoke. The wheel in the flag points out to the first sermon of Buddha, which is described as the "Turning on the Wheel of Tutorage”(Extract from Proud to be a Sikkimese- http//sikhim.blogspot.com)