An antique Kothi of Namchi

To the right side of the road towards Bhanjyang from Namchi, an old Kothi (Bunglow) is situated bearing the grace, pride and glory of the Monarchical Sikkim. The old Kothi belongs to the then Mukhtiyar of Namchi Late San Man Tamang. Constructed in 1911, the Kothi is one of the best examples of British architecture at the town. The wooden house was a centre of attraction among the people of in and around Namchi in its earlier days and was known as Naya Ghar (New House)or Mukhtiyar Kothi. The roof is made of thick tin and has not even a single hole over it even after 99 years of its construction. It is said that the materials for the construction of the Kothi were imported to Sikkim from nearby British province of Bengal. They were brought here on the horse back in the absence of motor vehicles as well as due to the poor means of communication. The rooms inside the Kothi have been divided by the wooden planks, which probably are the planks of Sakhua (A strong and durable species of wood plant); and it is due to this, the house still looks like a new one. The windows of the Kothi were initially made of wood, but, later on they were replaced by the modern glasses. The important feature of the house in terms of association and affinity is that the Mukhtiyar family of Namchi has been living under the same roof for five generations. Mukhtiyar Kothi still enjoys an adorable reputation and has been an object of envy for every onlooker. The Kothi was like a court when the Mukhtiyari system was prevalent and lots of decisions and verdicts were conferred upon from the very courtyard of this antique mansion. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of Namchi, there stands the famous Mukhtiyar Kothi with its haughty head holding towards the sky. Certainly, in this scenario, when every one is hankering after the so called sophistication of modernity, the Kothi is calm and sublime recalling the past days in a serene mood. Obviously, the Mukhtiyar and his successors deserve a heart felt praise for the preservation of the rare and incredible wealth of its kind.

(Person sitting in the middle with a turban is the then Mukhtiyar San Man Tamang of Namchi)