A poet who wanted to become a pilot.

There is a popular saying which goes like ‘Man proposes, God disposes’. The life of the celebrated and renowned poet of Sikkim, Late Agam Singh Tamang “APATAN” bears an ample testimony to the saying as we find that the poet would have become a pilot had fortune not played its role over his fate. Very few of us can believe that even a poet can think of becoming a pilot. It is the irony of the life of the famous poet. In his earlier days of life, he dreamt of becoming an air pilot. His days at the St. Joseph’s College, Darjeeling added more vigour to his dream when he came across many young English and Indian pilots. He was all set to go for finding his destination but his grandfather; a Mukhtiyar of Namchi did not want him to go to the utterly risky enterprise. Agam was brought back to Sikkim forcibly and was home locked. Thus, the desire and expectation of a young enthusiastic fellow were made the subjects of sacrifice by the so called care and conservative nature of a sophisticated family. Nevertheless, he joined Namchi Primary School as a teacher and subsequently became a poet of grandeur in Sikkimese context.
Late Agam Singh Tamang "APATAN" with his wife.

The facts presented above about Late Agam Singh Tamang "APATAN" have been substantiated after an interview with his younger sister, Mrs. Rup Maya Tamang who stays presently in Namchi.