Mukhtiyars of Sikkim

                                    Sitting on the ground( Second from Left) Kavi Agam Singh Tamang.
My blog inspired one of my students, Miss Chungku Bhutia, who eventually facilitated me with a what we call to be an antique photograph of a Mukhtiyar family which refers to her maternal ancestors. It belongs to the family of a renowned poet of Sikkim, Kavi Agam Singh Tamang(APATAN) who was a sibling of a Mukhtiyar family of Namchi, South Sikkim. The person at the centre in the photograph is Lt. San Man Lama, the Mukhtiyar of Namchi who is also the grand father of Kavi Agam Singh Tamang. The main role of the Mukhtiyar was to confer justice to the needy in different cases. Looking at the present scenario, the post of a Mukhtiyar is akin to the post of a District Magistrate.Looking at the attires and ornaments the figures in the photograph are clad in, the family looks like a royal one possessing enormous wealth.