Tax Reciepts of Independent Sikkim

The tax reciept which I have procured from the family of Lt. Shri Kul Bahadur Rai of Namchi was issued to him by the Mandal of his Village. The reciept was issued to him in 1958 which shows that he had paid Rupees 12 as land revenue or Khazana to the Royal Government of Sikkim. However, the receipt indicates the address to be the West Sub- Division, which eventually is Namchi of the South district in today's scenario.

The attached receipt refers to the 1930's as it shows the payment of Rs. 6/- done by Lt. Shri Keshar Singh Rai of Namchi Sikkim as Dhuri Khazana (House Tax) to the Mandal of Namchi, Lt. Chandra Man Rai on 15/09/1930.
Reviewed and posted on 30/4/2010